FAQ: Frequently asked questions

1. What's GradeView?

GradeView is an innovative online portal that helps undergraduate and graduate students of all subject areas to get a clear overview of all their grades, to anonymously compare their grades with students of the same subject areas and additionally supports the students with planning their degree.

2. Is GradeView free?

Yes, using GradeView is free for all students. There are no hidden costs.

3. Can other users see my grades?

No! Your grades are anonymous. Only you can see your grades.

4. Why should I use GradeView?

GradeView helps you manage your grades quickly and easily. You think you can do that with a well-known spreadsheet programme? That's right but there you can't compare yourself to your classmates. Moreover, with entering your exam results you will instantly gain access to a series of interesting figures.

5. How does the comparison work?

When registering with GradeView, every user is asked to enter their field of study, for example engineering or business. Compared will be those students who have entered the same field of study. Additionally you can choose whether you want to compare yourself with others at your university, in your county or nation-wide. You can also choose whether you want to compare yourself with students who are in your semester or students at any stage of the course.

6. Is the comparison representative?

Currently, not every student uses GradeView, which means our data is just a sample of the student population. As you know from your statistics modules: the bigger the sample, the more representative the results. So tell your friends about GradeView!

7. What's the difference between live and simulation mode?

The live mode shows the grades you have actually achieved. The simulation mode enables you to plan the rest of your degree. You can get answers to questions like: How many more ECTS do I need? Which exams am I doing next semester? Which grades do I have to achieve in order to get the final grade I want? The simulation mode gives you the chance to simulate your exam results and find out how your grade point average would change. So find out "what if...". You can switch over from simulation mode to live mode and back anytime. All your data will be saved.

8. Can I use GradeView for more than one degree?

Yes. All you have to do is add another degree.

9. I can't find my university. What can i do?

Please send an email to help@gradeview.io or alternatively use the feedback function.

10. I lost my password. What now?

Try to log into GradeView and click on "forgot your password". If you still need help, contact us at help@gradeview.io.

11.How can I change my password?

In "Settings - Account Data".

12. How can I support GradeView?

You can support GradeView by telling as many students as possible about us. Because the more users we have, the better we can compare. So tell your friends about GradeView!

13. Who can use GradeView?

Yes, all universities in Austria are supported. Start now!